Netizens Are Trolling Salman Khan’s Race 3 For Being ‘Total Crap’ And ‘Waste Of Money’

12:46 pm 16 Jun, 2018


People are trolling ‘Race 3’ ever since they saw its official trailer. Right from its dialogues which turned into viral memes, to its songs and action sequences, the movie caught everyone’s attention at the first go. The movie is a multi-starer, with actors like Anil Kapoor, Salman Khan, Jacqueline, Aditya Pancholi etc. This film is also the comeback movie of Bobby Deol and all these actors charged a phenomenal amount for their roles.

People trolled the movie after one of its dialogues, specially the one by Daisy Shah, became an official meme on the internet. It went so viral, that people made memes out of it!



After watching Daisy’s dialogue, people even called it as the “best dialogue” and bombarded the internet with these funny memes as well:




People also trolled the movie for its ‘Selfish‘ song which turned Salman Khan into a lyricist. Salman was quoted as saying:

“While discussing the creative for the song, I penned down a few thoughts on paper in sync with the plot of the film, which is about the selfishness within the family. When the music director Vishal Mishra heard it, he got extremely excited and said he will come back with a tune for the same.”


Just in-case you missed the song, here it is for you:



Salman fans also didn’t understand why he ventured into writing songs like ‘Selfish’, and instead, trolled him for being the worst “lyricist”.



During one dance performance at ‘Race 3’ promotional event, Salman Khan was considered “high on weed”.



Even when Salman’s colleague and ‘Secret Superstar‘ actor Aamir Khan expressed his desire to watch ‘Race 3’, fans were quick to warn him.



People are trolling the movie left, right and centre. After you read some of the reactions, you’ll realise that people are feeling sorry for themselves. Not only that, fans are so upset, that they have expressed their views with these reference videos:












‘Race 3’ got the brunt of over-publicity and cheap acting, even if it stared Salman Khan. Fans make these Bollywood celebs superstars, not their fame. If you have seen the above reviews, will you still go to watch ‘Race 3’?