This Village In Madhya Pradesh Lets People Rent Wives For Few Thousand Rupees

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Updated on 3 Jul, 2018 at 11:27 am


We are living in 2018 and issues like gender inequality and crimes against women still prevail in the society. Spreading awareness about women empowerment is one of the major needs of our country. Sadly, there are people in our nation who treat women as a commodity. Yes, you read that right! A bizarre news has come to light that says there is a village in India that follows a disgusting custom related to women.

In the era where we have sites and start-ups that help people to rent their cars, houses, electronics, and vehicle, a village in Madhya Pradesh follows a trend of renting their wives.



In Shivpuri district, Madhya Pradesh, there is a village where people rent their wives for a month or year to rich men in exchange of a few thousand. The men who take wives on rent are generally unmarried. The deal is made on stamp paper and when the contract ends they get an option to renew it or move on.


As per the source,

“These men who do not have a wife or a partner simply sign on stamp papers worth Rs 10 and the deal is locked. Once this contract ends, the man has an option to renew it or move on.”



Sadly, it’s not just Shivpuri where people follow such bizarre and shameless practice. In 2006, a man in Gujarat also did something similar. The person gave his wife on rent to a wealthy businessman for Rs 8000 per month.

It feels disgusting to know that people follow such practices in India. The land where people worship women, there are people who are women’s worst nightmare.