13 Genuine Signs You Belong To Banaras And Love It Unconditionally

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Updated on 29 Aug, 2018 at 5:12 pm


1. You must be using Hi-Hello-Namaste to greet others elsewhere, but in Banaras, it goes by Har Har Mahadev.

Har Har Mahadev gif

2. If you belong to Banaras, your surname has to be ‘Guru’. Grab a copy of Kashi Nath Singh’s satirical masterpiece Kashi Ka Assi to know more about the same.

Guru surname of Banaras

3. ‘Bhosdi Ke’ is a highly sweetened-up remark for folks over there which livens up any part of conversation. No profane connotation in it.

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4. Despite the clothing style of Banaras has evolved over the years, gamcha is still a widely recognized fashion statement of men on road.

Banaras gamcha trend

5. Banarasi Paan is distinctively mind-blowing, period.

Banarasi paan

6. Kulhad wali chai is preferred over Old Monk or Royal Stag.

chai meme

7. ‘Jiya Raja’ is a colorful exclamation used to acknowledge exciting moments and fortunate things around.


Banaras gifs

8. You can’t discover anything more tranquilizing or serene than strolling on Dasaswamedh Ghat to watch Ganga Aarti in evening.

9. Banarasis talk Bhojpuri, walk Bhojpuri, and laugh Bhojpuri because Bhojpuri is a damn cool language.

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10. Vishwanath Temple and Gyanvapi Mosque are valued equally because Banaras has a special knack for Ganga-Jamuni tehzeeb.

11. In much of the Banaras, excluding shopping malls, people consider price tags only a subject of debate. Yes, they haggle their way out to prove themselves a last-minute bargaining expert.

bargaining scenes hindi movies

12. Be it Mukhtar Ansari, Brijesh Singh, Munna Bajrangi or Dhananjay Singh, all outlaws of nearby areas – whether living or dead – are often discussed over chai, cigarette and paan on nukkads.

Gangsters in Varanasi


13. People of Banaras generally tend to possess a truckload of social contacts with a ton of buddies for different walks of life.

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