People Come Forward To Help IIT Topper Manisha Gupta

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3:50 pm 1 Apr, 2016


Just a  day after TopYaps News published the story about IIT – Delhi Topper Manisha Gupta, hundreds of people have come forward to help the lady.


According to news reports, the Indian Embassy in Frankfort has contacted Manisha’s family and asked them to send them a copy of Manisha’s medical reports and required documents so they can contact India’s External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj and arrange for an Air Ambulance for Manisha.



After the news about Manisha’s plight, the Indian embassy was not only pressured into taking action into the matter, but many even approached them, Since then have donated nearly 43 thousand Euro (Rupees 32.4 lakh) to help Manisha.

According to Manisha’s father Mahesh Chandra his phone has not stopped ringing since the news about Manisha was published and people have been asking for his bank account number so as to contribute whatever amount they can.



There were even people from Germany, the USA and Australia who contacted Manisha’s father to donate money. (1)


Manisha is suffering from third stage brain cancer that was diagnosed in July 2015. Battling for her life, she now wants to come back to India but as she is in critical stage and is not allowed to travel in regular airlines.

The family needs a total of 60 thousand Euros (Rs 45 lakh) to arrange for the Air Ambulance. To donate please contact Manisha’s father Mahesh Chandra on 9013815197.

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