10 Reasons Why Our Friends From The Northeast Are Awesome

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3:00 pm 7 Nov, 2016

When it comes to northeast, we really need to think long and hard about the regressive attitudes people from other parts of India have towards them and break free from that prejudiced mindset. Once we do that, we’d realise that there is a lot more in common between them and us. So let’s take a look at the 10 things that make our people from the northeast the brand of awesome they are.

1. Hallelujah girl power!

Khasi, one of the world’s very few matriarchal tribes that belongs to Meghalaya, is a source of joy and pride for the state and its people. The proponents of feminism will do well to take cue from and mingle with the people hailing from this part of the country.


2. Nailing the art of looking suave

If you haven’t noticed already, I humbly request you to crawl out from the rock you are living under. The Northeast Indians beyond a shade of doubt have a great sense of style. They are capable of rocking the shoddiest and the rattiest clothes, only that almost never happens because you seldom see them in anything which is not trendy or fashion forward.


3. The harbingers of Chai

The lovers of tea should know that half the tea of the country comes from the northeast. Being somebody who is fond of tea my-self, I make sure my friends from Assam get me the fresh aromatic leaves from the tea gardens, every time they visit home.


4. The skin that glows

There is something truly magical about their clear, white skin. After having talked to a few of them, it’s clear that the secret behind their amazing skin is not the beauty products that forms a big part of most our skin care regime. It’s the Mongolian gene they carry, to the envy of many.


5. Their hearts glow too

I am completely aware that it’s not fair or correct to generalise human nature, yet I can’t help but mention the warm and giving nature of people from the northeast. My friends from the northeast are one of the most understanding souls I have come across.



6. Residents of the unexplored paradise

Our friends from the North east get to bask in the glorious and majestic scenic beauty that characterises their home every single day of their lives. Imagine the cool breeze brushing your cheeks while you gaze at the lush greenery with all the colours in full bloom every single day for the rest of your life, wouldn’t it be magical?


7. Mellifluous melodies of the northeast

The unique style and harmony of north-eastern music has its own charm which makes it endearing to the people in general, even those who hear it for the first time come to appreciate it over a few listens. Shillong is well known as the Rock Capital of India for its bevy of rock bands and famous Hornbill National Rock contest.


8. Their delectable food

Thupka, momos, sticky rice, fish tenga, pitha, sanpiau, vawksa rep, banboo steamed, iromba. If you aren’t drooling already it’s only because you haven’t tried most of these scrumptious delicacies of the North east.


9. They are more patriotic than most of us!

North easterns account for the second highest ethnic group in our armed forces. I bet the people who ridicule and deride them, tag them as the “other Indians,” aren’t even aware of this crucial fact.


The Telegraph

The Telegraph

10. Best shopping buddy

They know how to shop cheap and trendy, mark my words. Shopping trip taken with your North-Eastern friend is bound to be one of the most fulfilling of your life.


You see, if you don’t have friends from northeast, you’re seriously missing something.

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