Torrential Rain Turn Bengaluru Roads Into Rivers, People Even Turn To Fishing In Them

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5:57 pm 29 Jul, 2016

Even as millennium city Gurgaon struggled to fight torrential rain and massive traffic jams in north India, there was a mirror image down south in Bengaluru where overnight rains have turned roads into rivers.


Besides making Bengaluru’s formidable traffic jams into a horror story, the heavy downpour has also forced the fire department to use boats to rescue people.


What is more people on Ring Road, were even seen fishing as the area lies right besides city’s lakes and thus lies in the area where lake kale used to flow.




Friday’s nightmare puts a cap on the nightmare of the week that Bengaluru is facing. From July 25-July 27, the city had faced a massive Bus strike, followed by protests on July 28 over a river-water sharing and now city being stranded in water on July 29.

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