22 Types Of People You Meet At An Indian House Party

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12:00 pm 25 Nov, 2015


For a lot of people, party is a way of life. That may make you think that all these type of people are one and the same. However, that is wrong. There are plenty of different people you meet at a party, especially one that is not in club but in a mutual friend’s home, where mingling is easier. In an Indian house party, you’re sure to run into the following characters.

1. Those overrated and self-obsessed people who think the party is nothing without them!


2. Gossiping can never come to an end for some girls and you can always spot them in some corner.


3. You always encounter Romeo and Juliet in a party, who are permanently trying to secure a corner for themselves.



4. Those dance loving people who don’t mind shaking their booties by themselves on every track.


5. Some weird dancers who try to get some attention through their shakes and wiggles.


6. The ‘stuff’ lovers, who are always ready with their ‘stuff’ or running round the house looking for ‘stuff’.


7. The drunkards who always try to create chaos in the party.


8. The ‘secret group’ in the party who come together, walk together, and move out together like no one else was there.


9. The fault finders – could be your close relative or your friend.

They try to find fault in all the things going on in the house.


10. One super sexy girl who wears body-hugging clothes and tries to make some seductive moves on the floor.


11. The selfie group who are busy clicking selfies with different backgrounds.


12. That friend who came to the party but now needs a corner to put his head down and sleep.


13. The PDA couple who forget they are at a party and assume they are in a private room.


14. You will always encounter the noisy people who keep shouting for no purpose.


15. The eaters who are there just to eat for free.

You know one when you see one.


16. The bubbly girl who is busy interacting with strangers and asking for another drink.


17. The brand checkers who keep themselves updated about the types of clothes people are wearing.


18. The hot candy man who is perhaps the hero of the party and has all the girls surrounding him.


19. No party is fun without the betters!

They bet over girls, drinks or anything!


20. The one who gets drunk and tries to get into a fight every time!

We need to make sure he is without a drink next time.


21. The stressed people who are there at the party worried about tomorrow’s exam or office.


22. The judging girls who keep sitting around and not finding any suitable boys.



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