The ‘Penis Facial’ Is The Latest Beauty Trend In Hollywood, And Stars Are Loving It!

3:14 pm 30 Mar, 2018

Hollywood is known for its bizarre beauty practices, and the weird beauty treatments that Hollywood elites go through are nothing less than a sitcom scenario. After bird poop & placenta facials, snake venom eyes cream and bee sting treatment, Hollywood managed to take these crazy beauty trends one step further. The latest addition to this list is penis facial, that is made by using the foreskins of the babies, and the stars can’t get enough of it!



Actress Cate Blanchett, 48, recently made the revelation that she along with actress Sandra Bullock, went to get this unusual beauty treatment, that aims to help ladies look younger. She said:

“Sandy and I saw this facialist in New York, Georgia Louise, and she gives what we call the penis facial and it’s something – I don’t know what it is, or whether it’s just cause it smells a bit like sperm – there’s some enzyme in it so Sandy refers to it as the penis facial.”

Sandra Bullock is not new to the world of unusual anti-ageing treatments and she regularly applies haemorrhoid cream under her eyes to reduce puffiness.


Cate Blanchett M Radio


The penis facial is actually the street name for the procedure. On Georgia’s website, it has a more palatable name – The Hollywood EGF Facial. As the name suggests, a special epidermal growth factor (EGF) serum is used in the procedure.

The EGF Serum is made from stem cells that are cultivated from the foreskins of Korean infants. Yes, you heard that right!


Georgia Louise InStyle


Circumcision is a general custom in Korea and therefore Korea is a large supplier of foreskins. South Korea has a large number of stem cell banks, and they export the cells all around the world.


Katy Perry Your News Wire


Stem cells are known to brighten the skin and regenerate skin cells, but for sourcing the stem cells from the foreskins of babies, Georgia Louise has a number of reasons. She says that young stem cells are thought to activate ageing cells, as they produce more collagen that makes the wrinkles and fine lines disappear.

According to Georgia’s treatment menu:

“The facial includes a cleanse, followed by an intensive TCA peel, micro-needling machine and an electrifying mask to calm the skin, followed by a ‘secret box’ of EGF serum”

Georgia received her professional training in Switzerland, France and the UK. Many Hollywood divas visited her for the procedure including Emma Stone, Katy Perry and Linda Evangelista.