This Australian University Student Just Submitted A Research Paper On Priyanka Chopra

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8:00 pm 13 Sep, 2016

Guess its time we start taking the entertainment industry and its players seriously. Until some years, entertainment was a frivolous industry rarely mentioned in textbooks, leave alone the thought of doing an entire research paper on them.

However, times have changed- and for good. Artists are taken seriously as they make their place to voice themselves on platforms like Forbes, TIME, United Nations along with mentions on business pages in your dailies.


A Queensland University Student, Akansha Panday recently chose to do a research paper on Priyanka Chopra’s existence in the big Hollywood industry. Pursuing bachelor in arts with a major in communication and journalism, her topic was ‘celebrity culture and their public image’.




While every student chose an established Hollywood star like Will Smith or Leonardo Di Caprio, Akansha chose Hollywood newbie Priyanka Chopra for breaking stereotypes by not bowing down to conventional roles. She feels Priyanka strongly connects to her audience for being authentic enough to be seen as a ‘role model’ for the youth of today.



Here’s an excerpt from her paper:

“Celebrities make affiliations to the public and their fans in which they practice performing a bond making the process where they use language, words, cultural symbol, and conventions to make the audience feel what the celebrity is saying is their own view as well. In Priyanka’s interview video of Time magazine, she says ‘I had the worst self-esteem when I was young’. Being a celebrity Priyanka makes herself a role model for the youth which is a majority of her audience around the globe and the idea of making affiliation with the young audience provides a big ratio.

Creating intimacy with the audience by using the cultural background as a great way to portray an Indian woman standing strong in Hollywood and not playing roles that are cliché and changing the norms of an Indian role in Hollywood.”


And can we not agree more?

Before Priyanka, Indian actors starred in Hollywood flicks for not more than a brief cameo or a supporting role; be it Bollywood bigwigs like Amitabh Bachchan in The Great Gatsby, Irrfan Khan in Life of Pi or Aishwarya Rai in The Pink Panther. Priyanka’s lead role in ABC’s TV series Quantico has forced Hollywood to see Indian actors in a different light. Indeed, she has broken the norms of an Indian role in Hollywood.


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