According To International Tabloids, PeeCee Could Indeed Be The Final Reason For Tom Hiddleston And Taylor Swift’s Breakup

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Updated on 18 Oct, 2016 at 1:12 pm


Taylor Swift’s dating life is ever so green that it doesn’t even make headlines anymore. What does make a news is Priyanka Chopra’s name dragging in International tabloids. Yes, she is indeed deemed to be one of the final ripe calls in Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift’s dramatic break-up saga.




According to Parent Herald report amongst various others, PeeCee and Hiddleston were seen exchanging numbers and passing shy, flirty exchanges during the Emmy after-party; not that their chemistry was off the charts on Emmys stage itself. The speculations went ripe with a new budding romance between the two with fans already shipping this crossover romance.



However now according to recent buzz, the Thor actor Hiddleston is not dating the A-listers so much to make Taylor Swift jealous, but rather to keep his face visible on the news. Apparently, his need for constant attention was one of the main issues which led to Taylor calling it quits. And now Tom’s flirtatious mingling with Hollywood’s latest buzz Priyanka Chopra at Emmys, proved it further true.





Ah, so shall we root for these two or not? This is getting tougher!

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