Hot On The Wire: PeeCee & Deepika’s Careers Driving A Wedge Between Them?

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3:36 pm 28 Jun, 2016

The rumor mills have been working overtime ever since Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone both landed big Hollywood projects. There seems to be wild conjecture about how their friendship, which survived the cutthroat atmosphere of Bollywood, may not make it through the rigors of a Hollywood career.



It isn’t every day that two B-town biggies (of the female variety, no less) land international gigs of this magnitude. And the fact that said women also happen to be great friends, is an oddity of untold proportions, by Bollywood standards. Rumor has it, that their agents have been eyeing the same projects for them and that’s creating animosity between the legendary friends.



For the sake of women everywhere, and for that of Bollywood, here’s hoping these rumors aren’t true! It’d be a tragedy to see friendship fade in the face of competition.



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