Kejriwal Finally Speaks Up, But Doesn’t Sound Like An Anti-Corruption Crusader

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3:50 pm 10 Nov, 2016


On November 10, India’s largest mobile payment platform Paytm printed a full front page ad in the country’s leading newspapers so as to promote their mobile platform.

While there was nothing new about it, they also used the opportunity to congratulate PM Modi for his “bold” move against black money and thanked him for the same.


PayTM's PM Modi Ad. Business Standard

PayTM’s PM Modi Ad. Business Standard

But it seems that their advertisement also help break Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s long silence over government’s demonetization decision.


He used this ad as an opportunity to one again attack PM Modi and sent out a series of tweets about it.

Calling PM Modi as the beneficiary of PayTM, in one of his tweet, Kejriwal, on November 10 questioned PM Modi’s intention.


He further asked how PM Modi could ‘endorse’ a private company and what all it could lead to in the future.


According to PayTM, they saw a huge growth in business within hours of PM Modi’s announcement.

PayTM said that they saw an increase of 25 per cent in the transaction since PM Modi’s announcement on November 8.


This is the second time in past few months that PM Modi’s face has been used to promote a company in the private sector. Before this Reliance Jio has printed a similar full front page ad on 2nd September.

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