Paytm CEO Vijay Shekhar Donated Just Rs 10,000 To Kerala Floods Relief, And Got Trolled

6:58 pm 20 Aug, 2018


The world is coming together to help Kerala flood victims. People are eager to help those suffering, in every small way possible. Some are sending their prayers to the victims, others are donating clothes, food, and money. Politicians are donating some amount from their own salaries, celebrities are making their own efforts to spread the message through their social media handles, to everyone around the world. Various companies have now come up and set up their own donation drives. One of the companies that has taken the initiative is Paytm.

Recently, the CEO of the company posted a tweet on his Twitter account giving us a glimpse of the money he donated for Kerala floods. This is what his tweet looked like!



As soon as he posted this, the Paytm CEO started receiving backlash from different parts of the country.



People took to twitter to express their anger. They constantly wrote about how the Paytm CEO showed off the donation he made, especially when it was a small amount when compared with his huge fortune. Let us tell you that Paytm is now a giant company and makes huge profits every year.


This was one concern of the people who started tweeting against the Paytm CEO. The screenshot has now been deleted by him but is still in circulation on social media. Checkout some of the tweets slamming Vijay Shekhar!




















However, some of them were in support of the donation made by the Paytm CEO. They termed it a noble cause. Here are some tweets in favor of Vijay Shekhar.











Previously, on Armed Forced Flag Day in 2017, Vijay Shekhar donated Rs 501 for which he was criticized. Do you think that he should have donated more amount being a billionaire?