Meet India’s Hangman – Pavan Jallad – Who Treats His Job As ‘God’s Will’

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7:47 pm 22 Jul, 2015

You might not know him, but he is doing a pretty tough job. Pavan Jallad, son of noted hangman Mammu Jallad, is carrying forward the profession of his family, reports Danik Bhaskar.

From his childhood days, Pavan used to visit jail along with grandfather, Kallu Jallad. His grandfather taught him the tricks of the profession.

Pavan, along with his five-member family, lives in a single room in Meerut. The government only pays him Rs 3,000 per month and, as a result, it is very difficult for him to run his household. When not on duty, he also sells clothes to make some extra money.


Pavan Jallad says hanging someone is not easy. But he believes that his profession is his karam.  God chose him to punish the culprits and hence, he does his work with no qualms. Before hanging anyone, he always worships god and only then proceeds.


His father, Mammu Jallad, hanged 12 people in his career. Pavan’s grandfather, Kallu Jallad, hanged the assassins of Indira Gandhi. Not only this, Kallu hanged Bhagat Singh during the British Raj in India. Whenever Pavan is called to hang an accused, he always remembers his grandfather, who was also his guru .

pavan and his father danik bhaskar

Pavan and his father danik bhaskar

Though he is continuing his family profession, he is not sure if his sons would want to do the same.


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