15 Quotes From Paul Walker That Will Help You Re-evaluate Life

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2:16 pm 22 Mar, 2017


Paul Walker left a void with his sad passing in a car accident on November 13, 2013. He was respected among his peers and loved by his fans. Walker was unlike most Hollywood actors. He lived a very simple lifestyle and was a family man. His beliefs were grounded and simple; they are such that can be easily imbibed into one’s life and make it better. When he died, it was again one of his quotes that brought a smile on the lips of his fans and dear ones besides proving how beautiful a soul he was.

1. On health.




2. His biggest love.



3. The freedom everyone seeks.



4. Point to be noted.



5. Mom’s wisdom.




6. One thing at a time.




7. What is love?



8. Do what you like.



9. What real men are.



10. Fear?



11. The proverb.



12. What an actor does.



13. Prophetic.



14. The optimist.



15. The challenge to be taken.




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