This Patriotic Song In Punjabi By Indian Soldiers Has A Clear Message For Pakistan

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1:52 pm 23 Nov, 2016

After a patriotic poem by Manoj Thakur that went viral soon after the Uri attacks, a new video has emerged that shows some Indian soldiers giving a clear message to Pakistan in form of a song in Punjabi.

The heartfelt song by these jawans comes at a time when tensions between India and Pakistan are at new high following Pakistani soldiers killing three Indian soldiers near LoC, and beheading one of them.



The song translates like this: “We have suffered for long despite repeatedly telling you to mend your way. You have only seen our love and not our anger.”

“We’ll wipe out the enemy countries provided the government grant us to do so.”

“Always living in the danger zone, we’re always ready to embrace death boldly to save the country.”

Thakur too in his poem had said: “Kashmir to hoga, Pakistan nahi hoga (Kashmir would remain, Pakistan would not).” In that video, Thakur said that if there is a war, Kashmir would remain but Pakistan would not. He also sent out a warning reminding them of the defeat of Pakistan the hands of Indian army in 1965, 1971 and 1999.

Watch it here:


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