13 Times We Indians Truly Feel Patriotic

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Updated on 21 Oct, 2015 at 9:36 pm


We might be sleeping till 12 noon on Independence Day. We might consider this day as ‘just another holiday’. Our only kind of celebration would be to hang out with friends at the mall in the evening gorging on tricolor specials. But deep inside, a part of us truly feels for this country. Here are 13 times, we Indians truly feel the love for India!

1. World Cricket Championship

You know the moment when India’s name is announced in the stadium, the lights go tricolor and “INDIA” echoes in madness. We can just FEEL it.


2. The #BleedBlue moment arrives…INDIA wins!


The moment we saw the team holding the cup, Sachin waving the flag in all it’s glory and ‘Vande Matram’ playing right on track – epic patriotism.


3. Driving by India Gate and Rashtrapati Bhavan

Let’s admit it, It’s the most magical drive. No honking, no traffic woes, just drive your way through two of the most iconic monuments of Indian history and feel the goosebumps.


4. Republic Day

You know how the march past on R-day swells their chest with pride. The drum rolls, the VIP guests (Omg, Obama on R-Day!), the royal traditions…they do give us a proud moment.

5. Bollywood I-day special

No matter how dull we are feeling on I-day, that one movie on Set Max can bring back the feeling of heroism in us. “Sarfaroshi ki tamanna, ab humaare dil mein hai…”


6. A. R. Rahman songs

There is just something in this man’s voice which sends chill down our spine every time we hear him. Be it Jai Ho or the evergreen Ma Tujhe Salaam!


7. Getting Amreekan fans

Now there have been infinite times when Americans have made us go ga-ga over them. But it’s another feeling when Americans can’t stop talking about us Indians. Yes, Amreekan views matter.

8. Anything about Kashmir

Okay so we are really fine about being an ignorant countryman, unless it’s anything minutely related to Kashmir. “Kashmir humaara tha, hai aur sirf humaara rahega!”

Bilawal Bro, you are listening right?

9. NRI on a foreign land

Nothing, I’m sure, feels more emotional than talking in Hindi in a foreign land; or carrying your little tricolor flag or spotting that Indian restaurant. Indians living abroad love their country like no other.

“Main jahan rahun, main kahin bhi rahun teri yaad saath hai “


10. Being at the Border

It feels surreal to be at the border and watch the two sides. The flags, the uniformed men and their cross country brothers make you wonder a lot of things. They do make us feel something.


11. B&W clippings of pre-Independence era

Those grainy, black and white clippings and documentaries reflect a lot of our foregone past. Besides spotting Nehru and Gandhi, we are blown away by the mass movement and their patriotic rush.

“Simon Go back! ” 


12. Election Time

Urging everyone to vote, you start feeling a flickering ray of hope that maybe, just maybe, this time something will change.

13. At a candlelight march

You know this country needs change and you are willing to give it your all; be it for Jessica Lal, Nirbhaya or Anna Hazaare.

“Koi desh perfect nahi hota, use perfect banana padta hai”  




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