5 Young Indian Women Entrepreneurs Making Their Mark In The Business World

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Updated on 4 Sep, 2018 at 5:15 pm


Women have been making great strides in redefining who they are and what they’re going to be doing with their lives. Gone are the days when girls would sit quietly and be told how to “behave”. On this International Women’s Day, we’re recognizing the work of 5 path breaking Indian women entrepreneurs who dared defy societal norms and followed their dreams.


Here are 5 Young Indian Women Entrepreneurs:-


Anisha Singh – Founder of MyDala

Almost anyone who shops online knows about MyDala. MyDala, the largest online coupon and discount platforms in India, was founded in 2009 by Anisha Singh. In such a short time, her startup has managed to  reach a point where it processes 2, 00,000 transactions every day. MyDala targets to achieve 400 million consumers in over 200 cities.

Anisha Singh holds a Masters degree in Political Communication and an MBA in information systems from an American University. Prior to MyDala, she worked for the Clinton administration and raised funds for helping women entrepreneurs.

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Cheryl D’souza – Founder of FashionHub

A woman’s life is pre-decided by society. Just when she is about to hit her mid-twenties, she is compelled to get married and start a family. According to parents, settling down before 25 is the ultimate destiny of a woman. Most girls give up their dreams and are caged in this mediocre trap, but some girls break all the norms and create the life they want to. Cheryl D’souza, 25, belongs to this category.

Cheryl D’souza started her career with Deloitte as a finance trainee. But soon, she decided to study further and completed her specialization in financial planning. She left her job and became an independent financial planner. She believed that she deserved better and she took the risk. This is indeed laudable.

Apart from this, she has been inclined towards music. She would often hang out with her friends at musical cafes after a hard day at work and, one day, her inner voice persuaded her to ask the manager to let her sing a song. That fortunate moment became the turning point of her life, and when she finished the song, the crowd cheered. This gave her immense faith and she hasn’t looked back. She is a recognized singer now and performs at various music concerts.

Cheryl welcomes challenges. Her next challenge was to change the fashion industry. Being a fashionista, she realized that the fashion industry has lost its elegance. Therefore, she decided to be the change.

One night, she opened an excel file and listed down all the classy fashion accessories that she longed for. She also researched all the punk products that were not easily available online. When her list was done, she calculated the cash flow and profit margin analysis, and instantly, a business plan was ready.

That is how she founded Fashion Hub. And now, Fashion Hub is an international brand which deals with high-end fashion accessories for women, with its corporate headquarters in India.

Cheryl D'souza - Founder of FashionHub - Indian Women Entrepreneurs

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Aditi Syal – Founder of Vocabberry

Everyone wants to write, but very few are able to put their ideas on paper in an intelligible way. So, if you are one of those people who find it hard to write an error-free draft, then, Vocabberry is your destination.


Vocabberry was founded by then 22 year-old AditiSyal. This organization writes, edits and refines your draft/article. You can share your write-up with them through their website, and a professional team of writers will write, edit and proofread your work and polish it as per your requirement. Isn’t that amazing?

This brilliant idea came to Aditi Syal while she was working with Shine.com (HT Media). She realized that most people don’t have the right knowledge about grammar, and that’s why writing a resume is such a big deal. Keeping this in mind, she designed a website that can sharpen your writing skills and make you a better writer.

Aditi has vast experience in content and digital marketing, and is ready to change the way people create content. Through her stay at edynamic.net and okplay.in, she learned about content strategies, which helped her to make Vocabberry a trusted brand.

Her next goal is to expand her team to 150 writers. She will be soon launching Pixaberry, where graphic designers will help amateurs create better designs.

Simply put, Aditi has simplified content writing and graphic designing like never before.

Aditi Syal - Founder of Vocabberry - Indian Women Entrepreneurs

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Archana Dhankar – Founder of Fashion For Royals

She breathes fashion, and fashion breathes for her.

This line perfectly tells the story of Archana Dhankar, who is the creator of  FashionForRoyals.

Archana had always felt a natural connection with style, silhouette and all things sartorial. But, it took a while for her to live her passion. She graduated from Delhi and became a marketer. After being a part of startups and multinationals companies, she gained ample experience and knowledge to pursue her calling.

After a decade in the field of marketing, Archana enrolled into a recognized styling course in London. And in 2012, FashionForRoyals was born. Her sole purpose behind this move was to empower women to discover their inner fashionista. She wanted readers to fall in love with fashion and hone their individual style. Because, fashion looks better when you feel good on the inside.

The reason Archana chose this particular name for her business is her belief that she can make every girl’s “Cinderella dream” come true, that with FashionForRoyals by your side, every girl can become the beautiful princess she always dreamed of being.

In this endeavor, Archana is constantly exploring creative combinations for Indian culture with her global aesthetic. Her designs are anextension of what inspires her. Plus, she is a mother, and balancing her dream with motherhood is one of her mission now. So, all the fashionable mummies and young girls out there, FashionsForRoyals is your fashion destination.

Archana Dhankar - Founder of Fashion For Royals  - Indian Women Entrepreneurs

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Shradha Sharma – Founder of YourStory

Hailing from Patna, Shradha Sharma, the founder of YourStory, studied at St. Stephens College, New Delhi and MICA, Ahmadabad. She then worked with The Times of India and CNBC TV18, getting her experience at field reporting. But it wasn’t until August 2008 that Shradha thought of starting her own venture – YourStory.

Despite many people telling her that her venture wouldn’t survive for more than a year or two, she went ahead and started it. In 2015, YourStory completed seven years and is now known to be a platform where entrepreneurs share their stories.

Shradha Sharma - Founder of YourStory - Indian Women Entrepreneurs

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