These Passport Size Photos Of Popular B-town Celebs Will Make You Giggle. Take A Look!

4:48 pm 15 Oct, 2018


Every time, I go to a photo studio to get a passport size photograph, I pray to the almighty for strength! It is because what could be worse than a bad photograph! It is quite normal that a less-than-flattering photo could easily ruin your mood and infact, your popularity on Facebook or Instagram? Sometimes, no matter how you pose, it seems that the photographer manages to get a vague shot! Just think about it, if it happens with us it must be happening with others right? But what if something like that happens with our B-town celebs. Yes, I am talking about the passport size photos of celebs.

Have you ever wondered how the passport size photos of celebs (Bollywood) would look like? I mean think about it, your popular celeb and his/her passport size photo. Won’t it be exciting to see how will they look like?




So, without a further ado, take a look at these passport size photos of celebs which will surely give you a giggle:


Priyanka Chopra




Aishwarya Rai



Sidharth Malhotra




Kangana Ranaut



Shah Rukh Khan



Sunny Leone




It seems that things are same with our Bollywood celebs too! Did you like these passport size photos of celebs? And which one amongst these is your favourite?