WTF! Passenger Of United Airlines Spots Plane’s Engine Falling Apart But Manages To Make Joke On Twitter About It

8:25 pm 14 Feb, 2018

Passengers of a United Airlines flight to Hawaii endured a scary experience onboard when part of the plane’s engine fell off mid air. United Airlines flight 1175 declared an emergency landing as it arrived at Honolulu airport from San Francisco.


But it wasn’t immediately clear what had happened to the flight until a passenger, name Erik Haddad, tweeted a series of images and video that made the frightening situation clear.



The situation of the flight is that the protective covering from the right engine appeared to have come off leaving it completely exposed. However, crazy enough, Erik Haddad, who is said to be a Google engineer, even then manages to make light of the frightening situation.

He reacted with remarkable calm, captured the footage of the situation and posted the video just saying:



That’s not all. Erik also tweeted an image of his view of the damaged engine while holding the flight safety manual making joke of the situation.



Even after the flight had landed at the Honolulu airport, Erik captured the photo of the damaged engine and posted it on Twitter asking ‘fellow flight enthusiasts’ to take a look to see more details of the damage.



Meanwhile, United Airlines said the flight landed safely and all passengers disembarked normally. The Federal Aviation Administration had said that the pilot “declared an emergency due to a vibration in the right engine” and that an investigation has been launched. The Hawaii Department of Transportation also said aircraft rescue and fire crews responded “as a precaution.”