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How To Party Like Kanwariyas, And Unleash Your Wild Side

Published on 10 August, 2018 at 7:53 pm By

There can be times when you don’t feel like doing anything in your day. Apparently, you are bored! That’s okay, it’s a part of life. From the office to college, people can get bored at any point of time. But what’s the first thing that comes to the mind when you’re bored? Party, right! You want to throw some cool party dresses and go out to have a chill out time with your friends. But do you know who knows the best way to party? Well, let me tell you a secret. It is the ‘kanwariyas’ who knows how to party like a pro!


Incidentally, we witnessed that time of the year yet again with the not-so-common scenarios on the roads of the cities. Thinking what? Well, the accumulation of the saffron-clad Shiva devotees popularly known as ‘Kanwars‘ walking barefoot on the roads carrying vessels with holy water of Ganga on their shoulders.



As we all know, the Kanwar Yatra is routed towards to banks of the holy Ganga. One of the most intriguing things is that, the Kanwars chants songs of Lord Shiva including ‘bam bam Bholey’ and ‘har har Mahadev’. Seemingly, ‘kanwariyas’ usually travel in groups, constituting mostly men hailing from all parts of the country including Delhi, Haryana, UP, Bihar, and Jharkhand.




While this is a religious journey but many ends up forgetting the same. They engage in vandalism and hooliganism that fails the entire purpose of the yatra. Revisiting the recent incidents involving ‘kanwariyas’, here’s our sarcastic take on how to party like one.


1. What’s your party anthem?


While we enjoy the Hip-Hop music and tunes of popular Bollywood rappers including DJ Wale Babu in our parties which goes on till 4 A.M. in the morning, ‘kanwariyas’ have their own stance on the music department. Traditionally, one can use some religious ‘kanwariya’ music to keep up the enthusiasm during the long and tiring journey, but this year we saw something different happening around the cities, especially in UP. This time the overenthusiastic yatris considered the roads to be their private party place while blasting music in full volume.



2. Dress to impress


How do you often dress at a party? Of course, you dress to impress in your best sartorial style right! Well, it is the ‘kanwariyas’ who impressed us with their ‘outfit choices’ this time. Usually they are seen in saffron-colored outfit owing to the fact that this hue is a symbol  spirituality in the Hindu religion. However, the Kanwar youth didn’t fail to flaunt their almost naked bodies during the trek. So, when you party don’t give a damn what you are wearing or not wearing, as taught by the ‘kanwariyas’.



3. Do it like a boss!


One may go to the fanciest pub or bar to party like nobody has ever partied before. A group of people can also have their own time having a house party to enjoy time with their friends and family. But it is the ‘kanwariyas’ who do it like a boss. Indeed, who can beat their score of partying like they did on the roads of Delhi? They created the perfect party ambiance by blocking the roads and creating a ruckus.


Eventually, a video also went viral on social media featuring as many as 20 ‘kanwariyas’ who were severely damaging a car’s windows and the windshield in the middle of the road, such that even the police couldn’t touch them. Like they were saying, the rest of the people can go to hell, we are here to enjoy!



They may have gone on a rampage in the area, but we cannot blame them. Right? Blame it on the disturbing traffic and the small roads that weren’t allowing them to move freely in this democratic country.


4. Party Props


Sparkly hats, quirky eye wears, balloons and banners, our parties are filled with colorful party props that bring any boring party to life. However, it’s the ‘kanwariyas’ whose props deserve the award. This time, we observed them carrying tridents, baseball bats, and even hockey sticks during their procession. Certainly handy ‘party props’ in case of an argument or fight with anyone.

If you are thinking why do they do that, I have one line for you, ‘honesty may be the best policy, but insanity is the best defense. Believe me, my friend! The use of ‘party props’ by them can be considered as their devotion towards Lord Shiva, don’t you think? While the hooliganism of these ‘kanwariyas’ is on the rise, their vandalism is becoming a concern for authorities with each passing year.



5. Daru is the new poison!


While you may or may not be allowed to drink in a club or a bar because of well, age issues, ‘kanwariyas’ were spotted drinking liquor during the procession. Your parents may not allow you to drink, but trust me, there is no stopping you when you are a ‘kanwariya’. Funnily enough, this yatra actually restricts the consumption of alcohol! But, ‘kanwariyas’ got to party. Right?



According to media reports, another video of them drinking during the march went viral on the social media and created an uproar among the netizens. Now tell me, are you more popular than the ‘kanwariyas’? I guess not!



We now know they do things like a boss and we cannot stop them, why, because – religious diversity in the country.


6. Hooliganism at its best!


Have you ever partied like crazy that made the neighbors call the society secretary on you? I am guessing, no! While you party in a way that doesn’t trouble the other people around you, ‘kanwariyas’ can surpass all society secretaries and even the police to have the time of their lifetime. Here’s another update from their awesome party scenes. You can never beat their level of joy!

A group of ‘kanwariyas’ attacked a black SUV of the Uttar Pradesh police in Bulandshahr and even misbehaved with the police. However, in a surprising turn of events, UP police showered rose petals to ‘welcome’ the Kanwar yatra in the state. Only the Kanwars can be awarded special police treatment after such an unrestrained vandalism.



It seems like they follow a special policy of success in life which states that ‘if you don’t succeed at once, blame it on someone else and seek counseling.


That’s a new trend!


Well, they come out in groups and do what they desire in the name of god. ‘Kanwariyas’ have a way to live the moment to the fullest and we all need to ‘learn’ how to do that. From the ear-splitting DJ music to being fuelled with chillums, some of these pseudo-religious people are making their way into religious India and they are here to stay. Evidently, the is year Kanwar Yatra ended up with a bang!


I must tell you to have a good time now. Not because you liked this hooliganism, but because it is finally over.


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