Ever Wondered Who The Girl On The Parle-G Packet Is?

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4:12 pm 30 May, 2016


Since our childhood there is one brand that has flourished and is loved by generations – Parle G.


I never skip eating Parle G biscuits and milk. This has been my favorite since I was just 2. But as I grew up, there was a curiosity in me that grew along.

The girl on the Parle G wrapper. She has been there since 5-6 decades and still the company hasn’t changed the design.


I am sure many of us must have wondered about the girl. After searching a lot, I came across the answer on Quora.


As per the source, the girl on the Parle G packet is Nagpur’s Neeru Deshpandey who is now 65 years old. Her photograph was taken by her father who wasn’t a professional photographer.

He came across Parle’s ad for a child model and sent the pic of his daughter which got selected and is still on the cover.

But the twist here is that the lady in the picture is Sudha Murthy, Wife of N.R. Narayan Murthy and not Neeru Deshpandey.



Parle G’s wikipedia page, says the girl is Gunjan Gundaniya. Finally all the stories were denied by Parle Products’ group product manager, Mayank Shah, saying that the kid is just an illustration which was made in the 60s by Everest creative.

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