Paris Hilton Says She Invented The Selfie And Twitterati Corrected Her Like A Boss

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Updated on 25 Nov, 2017 at 4:20 pm


The selfie has become the ultimate symbol of the narcissistic age. You might doubt this but this is really true. If selfies are simply an exercise to store our private memories, then why do we feel such a pressing need to share them with hundreds and thousands of friends online?

But have you ever wondered how the term ‘selfie’ came?

Well, the 36-year-old socialite, Paris Hilton, believes that she started this revolution. Time and again, Hilton had taken credit for inventing the selfie and now again, she tweeted that she and Britney Spears discovered this concept 11 years ago.




You heard it right, guys. Paris Hilton claimed this on Twitter. This is what she said,

Just when she uploaded this photo, Twitterati trolled him and made her realize her caption is as dim-witted as her.  This is what they said,



The clueless Paris Hilton learned something new today.


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