Funny How Our Parents Still Don’t Understand These 14 Things On The Internet

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Updated on 18 Jan, 2018 at 4:52 pm


Broadly speaking, while parents in the US and UK are monitoring online activities of the kids, Indian parents are just trying to keep pace with the information age. At times, our parents behave amusingly with the internet like it was a bomb, which would explode anytime, if they pressed a wrong button. Let’s take a look at these funny things our parents are yet to get completely:

1. Online travel bookings – is it even reliable?

They double check with you twice or more to make sure they won’t have a problem when the bus conductor or the flight attendant asks for the ticket.

2. Online shopping – they think they’ll be robbed off their money

3. Paying bills online? They still prefer to walk up to the billing counter or just send their peon to do it for them

Resistant to change their ways, they think they can never remember the process of depositing bills online.

4. News – who reads news online? Is it even authentic?


It’s hard to explain how Facebook news feed gives us instant updates on everything good, bad or ugly happening around.

5. Reading – they get annoyed if you read a book on your iPad or Tablet

Digital reading is just against the spirit of reading, they believe.

6. Blogging – it can only be run for pleasure

If you talk about blogging, it has to be some kind of new hobby that we have. According to them, blogs can never earn you any real money.

7. Free downloads – Can I download any song and any movie for free?

Once they learn how to download, they will create nostalgic library of old songs and movies on your hard drive.

8. They believe everything on the Internet to be true

They Google search for things and think that everything that comes on the first page is to be believed.

9. They are still very casual about passwords, and don’t mind sharing them with just about anyone

Some parents don’t hesitate in sharing passwords with PCO guys or at cyber cafes.

10. What’s this “Twitter Handle”?

And they get surprised when you tell them it’s just your Twitter name.

11. What do you do with Instagram? Isn’t this the same thing as your mobile camera?

Me: “It’s an online photo and video sharing app, mom”

Mom: “But you can directly upload all that from the cell phone, why an app for it?”

12. Skype is super awesome! Free video chat with anyone who has an Internet connection

And when there is a call from abroad or a relative/friend at other end of the country, they still want us to be around to make sure nothing goes wrong with the call settings.

13. The Big question – whether or not to be on LinkedIn or not

Can all these virtual networks really be helpful? I mean, Facebook for time pass is okay but for achieving professional ends? For many parents, person-to-person meetings have no substitutes.

Professional ends

14. Do you guys seriously talk to each other on GTalk all day? Even when you’re sitting right next to the person in office?


They chuckle when you tell them so.

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