‘Parched’: Four Women, Four Incredible Stories

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3:26 pm 22 Sep, 2016

‘Parched’ is the story of four rural women, stuck in the many vicious cycles that patriarchy imposes upon them. From child marriage to marital rape, from being branded “barren” to finding that prostituting oneself is, perhaps, the only way to have some degree of control over your own life, these women go through it all.

And in the midst of all the pain, all the suffering, they find in each other unlikely companions.


The teenager who is married off to an abusive boy for a measly sum of money. The girl who is nothing more than an object of exchange in a financial transaction — her youth and beauty for his money.

The woman whose smile will take your breath away, simply because it belies the awful things she faces on a daily basis.

The mother who tries to do right by her son, and in the process, almost ruins the life of a blameless young girl.

And the woman who runs away from the shackles of marriage, only to face the horrors of becoming a pawn in the hands of her “manager”. She is loud, she is bold, and for all intents and purposes, she is free. Except that she isn’t free at all. None of them are.

‘Parched’ is a story of courage, and of rebellion. It is a story of friendship, and of love. It is the story of learning how to spread your wings and fly when the whole world is trying to keep you locked inside a cage.


‘Parched’ is a powerful story. It is also a painful one. But more than anything, ‘Parched’ is a relevant story. It is the story of finding strength. In each other, and in oneself. It’s one of those rare stories that comes along but once in a while. And every last one of us should watch it!



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