Forget Apps! Government Asks Phone Makers To Add Panic Button On Handsets

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6:37 pm 5 Aug, 2015


You must have come across apps that helps you to ensure your safety. But are they effective in time of need? Women and Child Development Minister Maneka Gandhi has expressed that emergency response apps can take too long to access in a rush — configuring a panic button on a phone for the task would be much simpler and quicker. Keeping this in mind, the Narendra Modi government has told mobile phone manufacturers that they need to incorporate a panic button on handsets sold in the country, reports Economics Times.

A meeting regarding the same was held two weeks ago to thrash out the initial details. A senior ministry official said:

“Initially, there was resistance on a couple of issues, namely on the expenditure to be incurred and the design of the handsets. The move was also resisted on the ground that there are apps available in the market for the same. The manufacturers were told that pressing a button which will be on the body of the phone is much easier and time saving than accessing an app in a moment of trouble.”


Manufactures have agreed in principle to the demand. The official added:

“Keeping in view various constraints including the understaffed police department, it was thought prudent to send the alerts to family than police. An overwhelming view of the manufacturers was that the facility can be provided even in basic phones.”


To make it child-proof or prevent accidental operation, the button will require a long press or a double press. When the user will press the panic button, it will send an SMS to a set of numbers chosen by user.

It will also provide location information.



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