After 56 Hours, Army Successful In Killing Two Terrorists Holed Up In Building In Pampore

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8:23 pm 12 Oct, 2016

After 56-hour of the gunbattle with two terrorists, who holed up inside in a government building in Pampore in J&K, the army was successful in its operation.

An army official two terrorists have been killed and search operation at the Entrepreneurship Development Institute (EDI) complex was almost complete. Earlier, the army didn’t call off the operation as it was reported that there were three terrorists. However, after checking all the 60 rooms in the building, they called off the operation.


One terrorist was killed on Tuesday and the another was as shot dead by the security forces on Wednesday.

This was the second time that terrorist hid in the Entrepreneurship Development Institute (EDI) complex.

In February this year, three militants holed up in the same building the gunbattle with them and security forces went on for more than 48 hours.

“It was the deadliest attack of the year. The building had a huge space where militants had a good opportunity to hide,” Major General Arvind Dutta had said.


The multi-storey building has been destroyed during the operation with many of its walls blown up. Para commandos of the Army were also called in to neutralise the militants, the official said.



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