First Time In 34 Years, No One Is Travelling On The Palace On Wheels

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5:06 pm 30 Mar, 2016


You know the Palace on Wheels? This beauty of a train?




True to its name, the train looks like a palace indeed and offers comforts to passengers that would make them feel like kings and queens.




But the Palace of Wheels has cancelled a scheduled trip for the first time in 34 years. Why? Because of no occupancy.

A TOI report says that the journey that was scheduled to start today will not go as planned because no one booked a ticket.



Palace on Wheels route map.

The seven nights – eight day trip costs this:

In lean season – September to April

In peak season – October to March

The prices are high because this luxury train can accommodate just 104 passengers and needs only 25 to remain profitable.



Train Palace

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