Ministry of External Affairs Rejects Pakistan’s ‘Confession Of Spy,’ Says It Looks Tutored

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1:09 pm 30 Mar, 2016

Indian government on March 29 categorically rejected Pakistan’s allegations that the naval officer that they had arrested last week was involved in any subversive activities in Pakistan at India’s orders.


The Ministry of External Affairs on March 29 said:

“The government categorically rejects allegations that this individual was involved in subversive activities in Pakistan at our behest. Our enquiries reveal that he apparently was being harassed while operating a legitimate business from Iran. While we probe this aspect further, his presence now in Pakistan raises questions, including the possibility of his abduction from Iran.”

According to the ministry, the accused Kulbhushan Yadav, is a former Naval Officer and after retirement used to run a business in the Iranian port city of Chabahar.


Further the ministry now believes that Yadav, was “possibly” kidnapped from Iran and taken to Pakistan.

During the Inter Services Public Relations of Pakistan military conference, the Indian union ministry was also shown a video where Yadav was seen confessing that he was an official for India’s Research and Analysis Wing (R&AW).

During this video confession Yadav said that he had left Indian Navy to join RAW back in 2013 and that had only gone to Chabahar and set up a business so as to be able to there to carry out his “operations” in Balochistan and Karachi.


He then went on to add that he used to send all his “operations” report to R&AW and report to an officer named Anil Kumar Gupta.

Though no one from R&AW was available for comment, the MEA in turn replied that video has “no basis in fact.” They said that “the individual claims to make the statements of his own free will” which “not only challenges credulity but clearly indicates tutoring.”

The MEA also asked Pakistan to provide Yadav an access to a consular and find out how Yadav landed in Pakistan “under unexplained circumstances.”




Meanwhile former Foreign Secretary, Kanwal Sibal, told The Hindu:

“Pakistan wants to get some propaganda advantage as the U.S. has stepped up pressure after the Pathankot attack. Pakistan has accused the person of being a serving naval officer. This is incredible as no intelligence agency sends serving naval officers with passports.”

Here is what Yadav said in the video:


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