Pakistan’s Kashmir Policy Has Failed – Basit, Former Pakistan Ambassador

5:44 pm 30 Aug, 2017


Hailing India’s diplomatic success, Abdul  Basit, the former Pakistan Ambassador to India has said that Pakistan has proven to be an absolute failure by being unable to prove its mettle to the world over the Kashmir issue.

Former Pakistani high ambassador to India, Abdul Basit. The Indian Express


Speaking at the All Party Hurriyat Conference, the diplomat from Pakistan pointed out that the terrorist 9/11 attacks was the turning point on the Kashmir issue. After that deadly attack on America, India was able to convince the world that those fighting for independence in Kashmir were none other than terrorists wanting to disrupt the harmony of the land, while Pakistan fell flat in trying to convince otherwise.

Quoted by Pakistan’s leading newspaper ‘Dawn’, the diplomat said that if Pakistan wishes to compete with India, instead of banking on its regretful banter, Pakistan has to strengthen its diplomatic nuances and engage in meaningful relationship with other countries.

Basit was speaking at a seminar organised by the All Party Hurriyat Conference in collaboration with Kashmir Institute of International Relations in Islamabad. The theme of the seminar was ‘Indian Designs to Change Demography of Kashmir’. The speakers on the panel had to present their views in relation to the violations of UN Resolutions and the International Law.

During the course of seminar, Basit further said that India has been successfully able to prove to the world that it is open for talks with Pakistan on the Kashmir issue whereas Pakistan, even after fighting three wars, is not ready to come to any conclusion in relation to the same. Hence, the need of the hour for Pakistan is to formulate solid diplomatic solutions with which they would be able to prove to the world that Kashmiris are not ready to accept Indian rule. However, he has also accepted that formulation of such diplomatic stances won’t come easily.

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