A Comedian In A Pakistani TV Show Calls Hindus ‘Dogs’, And The Audience Finds It Funny

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8:32 pm 19 Apr, 2016

India is not Pakistan. Minorities in India actually live happily with the majority, no matter the lies floated around by politically motivated self-proclaimed secularists.

Now take a look at the condition of minorities in our neighbouring country; not only are they regular victims of Islamic radicalism, they are made fun of in a derogatory manner by celebrities too.

Take the example of the show ‘Sawa Teen’. A comedian Sajan Abbas in an episode aired on April 8 on Neo TV called Hindus in Pakistan ‘dogs’.

During a spot, he uses the words “Hindu k**tey”.

The shocking part is that the audience claps gleefully at this remark, in a sad reflection of a country continuously going down the drain of religious fundamentalism.

Thankfully, not everyone in Pakistan is happy about the remark.

In a strongly worded piece published in The Nation, journalist-activist Hassan Raza admonishes the Hindu hating audience, the insensitivity of the channel and the ridiculousness of the comedian.

“I am surprised how this was allowed to go on air keeping in mind there are millions of Hindus living in Pakistan. Media ethics? PEMRA regulations?” he writes.

Raza argues that Pakistan is the birthplace of Hinduism.

He writes: “Publicly insulting followers of that religion in the same country is extremely disrespectful to say the least. How insulting it would be for us Muslims if we get to hear anti-Muslim slurs in Makkah and Madina, the birthplace of Islam?”

Commentators on a Pakistani Hindu’s Facebook account too were in support of minorities.




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