This Pakistani Teacher Was Fired From Job Because His Moustache Gave Students ‘Liberal Ideas’

9:34 pm 10 Sep, 2017


Have you ever heard anyone being fired for being young, handsome, and for carrying a moustache? Well, this is what has happened to a teacher in Pakistan recently. Haseeb Ali Chishti, a theatre teacher, was sacked from his job at the school because he is a “young and handsome man” and his moustache gave “liberal ideas” to his students. Explaining what has happened to him to the media, Chishti said that he was hired right before the school term started and taught for a week before finding out from one of his colleagues that the school directors are looking for his replacement.




On learning this, he confronted them and asked the reason why he was being replaced. Interestingly, the school authorities replied that after seeing him in school with his liberal appearance they were afraid that the female students might become inspired by him.

He also said that the school authorities insisted that he was too young and good looking enough to distract the students.



Fired from school


Chishti narrated his ordeal in a Facebook post (his account is now inaccessible), in which he wrote that being told “it will distract our girls and faculty” is the “funniest reason for being let go from a job.”

Saying that he sees “school owners taking pride in their ‘conservative outlook’”, Chishti also attacked the prevalent mindset of the people in the education sector in Pakistan.

According to reports this is what he had posted on his Facebook page:

Being told ‘your moustache gives liberal ideas to students’ and ‘you’re a young, handsome man… it will distract our girls and faculty’ is probably the funniest reason for being let go from a job but it is also a damning indictment of the mindset prevalent in the education sector in Pakistan.
Increasingly I see schools imposing penalties against students for interacting with the opposite sex, I see school owners taking pride in their “conservative outlook” and shunning programs such as drama and dance for being “vulgar”.

The only thing wrong with a girl talking to a boy in school is the MINDSET that assumes this exchange must be immoral. I long for the day when we won’t have teachers and schools that think like Mohnish Behl back in the 90’s when he says ‘aik larka larki kabhi dost nahi hosaktay ‘(a platonic friendship can’t exist between the opposite sex).

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Chishti’s incident left people fuming on social media with many strongly reacting to it:




Haseeb Ali Chishti is said to be currently helping in running an arts & theatre collective in Islamabad called ‘Theatre Wallay’, a non-profit organisation who are working for underprivileged students in Islamabad to groom them in basic literacy, numeracy, life and art skills, etc.