Pakistani Motivational Speaker Muniba Mazari’s Story Will Leave You Inspired!

5:16 pm 1 Nov, 2017


Artist, model, television host, activist, motivational speaker and an beautiful soul, Muniba Mazari is literally the epitome of a 21st century woman, what most other woman aspires to be. She is the currently serving as a UN National Goodwill Ambassador for Women in Pakistan and has given motivational lectures at several international platforms, including TEDX and Global Leadership Conference (GLC) among many others. But Muniba’s road to success was not half as beautiful and easy as her achievements seem to be.

Muniba with one of her creations source

Muniba was born to a Rudhivadi Baloch family, where women literally could not harbor an opinion of their own. If the men said yes to something, the women had to abide by it. Since childhood, Muniba had a dream of becoming an artist but for her father it was to get her married to the man chosen by him. So, on attaining the age of 18, Muniba was married.

Muniba met with a deadly accident at the age of 21, which left her paraplegic source

Her marital life was not a very happy one but somehow she pulled along for three years. Fate had something else in store for her. At 21, Muniba met with a car accident that changed her life forever.

In Muniba words, her husband had fallen asleep while driving the car. As the car met with an accident, her husband somehow fled from the car, she was abandoned at the accident site. She was severely injured. When she regained consciousness, she was shocked to find herself stricken with paraplegia, a paralysis of the legs and lower body. To make things worse, doctors informed her that she would not be able to bear any children.

Left top: The car in which Muniba met the fatal accident source


It was a time when all she wanted was to die. Unable to understand the reason for her being alive, she took refuge in painting. And that was her moment of joy, something to reconnect with life. Later she said that it was at that point that she realized she wanted to live…for herself. She said:

I wanted to be alive for myself, and not spend my time trying to be perfect for somebody else. I made a list of all things of which I had been afraid of. I wanted to win over fear.

Muniba’s philanthropic activities have made her a role model to all NDTV India

One of the first realization that dawned upon her was that she was afraid of undergoing a divorce. But she overcame the fear and decided to get herself released from the burden of marriage, which was only a painful and hardship ridden experience. After, she getting divorced, she adopted a child as she wanted to extend her support to at least one of the plentiful kids who are deprived of care, love and basic necessities of life.

Muniba with her son Dawn

Since then, there was no looking back for her. She did everything that made her happy. She rejoiced in doing everything that her wheelchair would stop her from doing. She had even done modelling for the international haircare brand Toni N Guy, thus becoming the first ever Pakistani wheelchair-bound woman to do so.

Muniba with her creations Daily Pakistan

A noted painter now, recently Muniba established her own brand of Muniba’s Canvas, which bears the slogan ‘Let Your Walls Wear Colors’. Her medium is acrylics on canvas.

Here’s a video of Muniba speaking at a public forum. The video went viral on social media. Do watch it and let us know if you find Muniba as inspirational as we do!


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