Pakistani TV Show Blackfaced Models To Portray Bridal Makeup, Twitterati Slam Them Left, Right And Centre

12:27 pm 26 Mar, 2018


The color of our skin does matter. It does not matter which part of the world you are from; skin colour makes a huge difference in the way in which you are treated. However, things are slowly changing when it comes to skin color, especially in the western world, particularly in the glamour world. The result could be seen in models with dark skin tones making their mark in the glamour and entertainment industry; Naomi Campbell, Oprah Winfrey, Octavia Spencer to name a few.


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However, despite this, things are all the same in some parts of south Asia.

A Pakistani show titled “Jago Pakistan Jago” is now receiving a lot of flak and is being termed as ‘racist’. All that happened on the show must have happened for the first time in the history of any Pakistani TV show.


The show is now under fire for mocking the dark skin toned people and using this entire weird idea to create a propaganda. A particular segment of the show titled “Mera Makeup Hai Kamaal” was about the portrayal of (dark) bridal makeup on models with fair skin. However, the audience’s disapproval became evident in no time and people started targetting the show makers on social media.

This show’s idea was somewhat offensive. The show makers got fair-skinned models who were then covered up with dark makeup to make them appear ‘dark’, hence eligible for the task. A few contestants reportedly said that applying makeup on dark skin was a task. One woman, in fact, highlighted that she had never applied makeup on a ‘habshan’, an offensive slang used to describe a woman or girl of African origin.


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This didn’t go well with the audience. Many also shouted out “Jago Pakistan Jago” and the host of the show Sanam Jung was slammed, for showcasing black face on the show. Here is a glimpse of the backlash the show has received.


Looks like the people in Pakistani TV business really need some awakening!