This Pakistani Professor Destroyed All Laws Of Mathematics To Prove God’s Existence

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9:07 am 28 May, 2016

Professor Ziauddin Zia is the IT director at Gomal University in Dera Ismail Khan in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province in Pakistan.


The professor carved out for himself a seemingly insurmountable task – prove beyond doubt the existence of God. To do so, Zia took the path of mathematics for it is the field which can conclusively solve complex problems.

And when he was done, Zia let the world know of his ‘achievement’.

A source told TY News that this was posted on a forum called ‘Pakistani Freethinkers’ by the professor.


To those who have been really poor in mathematics at school, this could be enough to prove that there indeed is God.

But those who know what is wrong with the theorem have pointed out the flaw.


Others trolled him for his mathematical postulation.


Seriously, someone tried to forcibly mate mathematics with theology and made a mess of it.



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