Shocking! Pakistani Men Give ‘Honour’ Beating To 16-Year-Old Bengali Student In UK

12:42 pm 19 Dec, 2017


Poets and writers have said this time and again that love has no boundaries. How true is it in real life? Not much. A horrible incident of ‘honor’ beating of a 16-year-old Bengali student by some Pakistani men has come to light. Apparently, the boy was secretly dating a girl from their family. She was a class fellow in high school.


Ghazanfar Mirza.

As per a report, a group of men, including the girl’s brother, father, her cousins and uncle abducted the boy and took him to a cul-de-sac (a closed street). They cornered the boy and subjected him to a brutal ‘honor’ beating. They told him to dare not mess with their blood and find someone of his own kind. They even used weapons to injure him.



Khizum Baig (girl’s brother)

They seized the boy’s mobile phone, searching it for evidence. After they found some pictures of the boy and girl together, the beating continued.

As the boy struggled for life, onlookers enjoyed the scene of him getting beat up mercilessly. They were apparently encouraging those men by shouting “kill him, kick him in the head, finish him off”!



After these men were done lynching the boy, they dumped him near a barber’s shop in the area. As per a report, the barber saw the boy’s state and called the police. The boy was later treated at a local hospital. He was left with scars – one visibly present on his head and one hidden inside – he is too scared to leave his room anymore. The four men have been imprisoned after they confessed the crime.


Preston Crown Court (pictured) in Lancashire where four men admitted affray.


The men are now being questioned the details about the committed crime.