This Pakistani Liberal Blogger Won Our Hearts By Raising Her Voice For Pakistani Hindus And Christians

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Updated on 13 Mar, 2017 at 12:37 am


Mahwash Ajaz is a Karachi-based psychologist. She is one of the most influential voices in liberal Pakistani society.


Mahwash Ajaz.

On March 10 she commented on a tweet which highlighted how Pakistan’s Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) was asking people to report on social media those they think have committed blasphemy.



It should be noted that blasphemy is punishable by death in Pakistan and it has been misused by fundamentalists to victimize minority communities as well as those disagreeing to their radical views.

Ajaz commented on the FIA notification:


But her comment was not appreciated by another Twitter user:


At this, Ajaz slammed every fundamentalist of her country and the authorities that not only overlook but also condone the atrocities committed on the minorities.


(Just in case you don’t know, Salman Taseer was the Governor of Punjab who was assassinated for his opposition to blasphemy law by Mumtaz Qadri.)

Ajaz then drove home the point:


Yes, she admitted what the Pakistani authorities deny with impunity – forced conversion of Hindus.

Kudos to Ajaz for standing up for the rights of the minorities.

Oh, and she has been documenting honor killings in Pakistan since 2011 in this thread.