Pakistani Journalist Asks For Kohli In Exchange Of Pak Team, Twitterati Go Into Attack Mode

Updated on 5 Sep, 2017 at 5:47 pm

A cricket match between India and Pakistan can be described more like a battle than a sporting event. People desert roads and are glued to their TV and radio sets. After all, these matches decide who will have the upper hand till the next match. The Champions Trophy 2017 brought another chance for the two teams to compete for power, and India made it a one-sided event.

The men in blue annihilated the Pakistani team in The Champions Trophy match. Dejected and disappointed in their team, a Pakistani journalist asked to barter Virat Kohli with the Pakistani team. Sounds funny and ridiculous, right?


Twitterati smelled the presence of another prey for their day’s hunt and brutally trolled the reporter for asking for the pride of Indian cricket team. What was ridiculous more than a demand for Virat Kohli was how the Indians took a genuine compliment. Not every day you find your arch-enemy putting their ego aside.








Will we ever learn to take compliments?