Pakistani Bride Died After Her Husband Raped Her Using Iron Rods On Their First Night

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1:15 pm 18 Jan, 2018


While we are still not able to forget the Nirbhaya kand, stories of rapes and sexual abuse from India and its neighbouring countries are not coming to an end. In last few days we heard a lot of stories talking about minors getting raped and even a case similar to Nirbhaya Kand came to light. We live in a society where rapists walk free while people stage protests against them. Many believe that it’s women’s clothes that are responsible for rapes but, what if the man whom you marry turns out to be a monster on your wedding night?

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Sadly, people still don’t feel that anything like marital rape exist. However, the case of a Pakistani bride who died on her first night because her husband raped her like an animal is a proof that marital rapes do exist!


Fatima, a Pakistani Twitter user, a doctor by profession, shared a barbaric story of a Pakistani bride who died on the day of her reception because parents in our society do not prefer educating their children about sex. Her psychopath husband used iron rods to have an intercourse with her.


Sharing the horrific incident, Fatima slammed the society we are living in and how parents feel ashamed while talking about sex with their children and end up raising monsters. Here’s what she posted:

Fatima’s tweets left people bewildered. Soon the story went viral and here’s how people started reacting to it.


Not just the bride but humanity died a silent death along with her. It’s time people should come out and make their sons understand that real men do not rape!

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