People In Pakistan Are Very Happy Because They Have Got Something They Always Wanted

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7:20 pm 29 Sep, 2016

Pakistan is happy. No, they haven’t got Kashmir. (They’ll never anyway.) They’re happy because they now have access to YouTube.

Yes, on the historic day (for Pakistan) of September 28, the 34-million-strong Internet population of Pakistan got what their government forced out of their tubes in 2008.

That year the Pakistani government bowed down to its Islamic brigade over a series of “non-Islamic” videos and banned YouTube outright because they could not force the giant to take those videos off.

Then there was a long wait for the population who wanted to see everything from online movies to inane comedy shows on YouTube.


AP Photo/Shakil Adil

AP Photo/Shakil Adil

And since breaking laws, making pirated videos and doing everything that is against the norm is common in Pakistan, the people used proxy servers to access YouTube.

But now they can do things legally.

YouTube has finally launched a local version of the channel following demands from the government for the same.

The government will now be able to monitor the content better (meaning that non-Islamic videos, which can mean anything in Pakistan, will be removed).

The artistes are actually very happy. Being Pakistan, YouTube was the only way they could present their works – such as music videos. The ban forced them out of business. (Is this why many artistes cross the border into India?).

And now the Pakistanis will be able to download the videos offline, too!

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