Pakistan Warns India Of “Appropriate Action” If They Breach Indus Water Treaty

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11:10 am 21 Oct, 2016

The Pakistan Foreign Office spokesman on October 20 accused India of trying to divert attention from Kashmir and warned them of “appropriate action” if they violated the Indus Water Treaty with Pakistan.

They further added that they are closely monitoring the current situation between India and Pakistan as there are reports that New Delhi might revisit the key water sharing accord.


Thus warning New Delhi of strict action, Foreign Office spokesperson Nafees Zakaria in their weekly briefing said…

“Appropriate action will be taken in line with the Treaty in case of any violation by India.”

The statement was given after reports surfaced that India was planning to review the 56-year old Indus Water Treaty in lieu of the Uri attacks and thus Pakistan was keeping a close eye on the situation.

Zakaria further added that India was making “desperate attempts” to divert attention from the “atrocities and human rights violations” that are being committed in Kashmir and Pakistan was highlighting.


Daily Pakistan

Pakistan’s Foreign Office spokesperson Nafees Zakaria. Daily Pakistan

He added that with Pakistan highlighting “Indian brutalities in Kashmir” to the world, there had been “very substantive outcome” and the efforts made International communities concerned about the situation.

He then went on to deplore India of “using SAARC for its political ambition” and went on to accuse India of violating the Line of Control ceasefire, for more than 90 times within this year.

He even spoke about India’s treatment towards Pakistani artistes and said they were “very disappointing and highly regrettable”.


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