Pakistan Loses UN Human Rights Council Re-Election Bid

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6:56 pm 29 Oct, 2015

Pakistan has failed to win a re-election to the top UN human rights body.

The United Nation’s General Assembly on October 28 elected 18 members of the UN Human Rights Council through a secret ballot.

Pakistan managed to garner only 105 votes in the 193-member General Assembly. This comes as a big setback to the Pakistani delegation that had appeared confident of winning the seat, the PTI reported.

Pakistan’s current term at the Council is set to expire on December 31.

India is also a member of the Council and its term will expire in 2017.

The Council also selected 18 new members, who from January 1, 2016, would start their three-year terms with the UN Human Rights group. They are: Belgium, Burundi, Côte d’Ivoire, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Georgia, Germany, Kenya, Panama, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Philippines, Republic of Korea, Togo, Slovenia, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates and Venezuela.

Sources in the Indian Mission to the UN welcomed the election of Mongolia and Kyrgyzstan against the backdrop of historical visits undertaken by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to these nations earlier this year.

It must also be noted that just days before the voting, several human rights bodies had opposed the re-election of Venezuela, Pakistan and UAE to the UN Human Rights Council criticising their governments for big human rights violations in their country.


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