Pakistan’s Cheeky Tweet About FIFA’s Telstar 18 Ball Invited Hilarious Trolling

12:49 pm 20 Jun, 2018


The FIFA World Cup fever has enveloped the globe. With smashing performances from different teams, the whole world is glued to their screens to witness this majestic event. Every four years the football tournament presents new surprises and 2018 is no different. This year it’s the official game ball Telstar 18. With six textured panels, it’s equipped with NFC or near-field communication chips  for bringing perfection to the game.

Designed by sporting equipment giant Adidas, the Telstar 18 balls are manufactured in Pakistan. Besides two incidents of bursts and goalkeeper’s allegations that it changes direction unpredictably, this ball design has not faced any other major controversies.



Recently a Twitter handle named ‘Pakistan Defence Command’ tweeted highlighting the fact that the balls are manufactured in their country. What was supposed to be a cheeky post, turned out to be a perfect source for trolling.



Did the tweet make you laugh out loud? Expectedly, it evoked same reaction from Twitterati too. People started mercilessly trolling Pakistan. Here’s what they wrote:












Not only words, netizens even came up with funny memes and gifs on this Telstar 18 tweet. Take a look:









What would you say on this tweet about Telstar 18?