A Bill Tabled In US Congress Seeks To Declare Pakistan A State Sponsor Of Terror

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7:12 pm 21 Sep, 2016

Two Congressmen, Ted Poe from Texas and Dana Rohrabacher from California, have introduced a Bill in the US Congress that seeks to designate Pakistan a state sponsor of terrorism.

Poe said, “Not only is Pakistan an untrustworthy ally, Islamabad has also aided and abetted enemies of the United States for years.”

“From harboring Osama bin Laden to its cozy relationship with the Haqqani network, there is more than enough evidence to determine whose side Pakistan is on in the War on Terror. And it’s not America’s,” Poe said in a statement on Tuesday announcing the bill.

Poe condemned the terror attack on Uri saying, “Pakistan’s reckless behavior in this regard is a serious security risk to its neighbors – and India unfortunately pays the price all too often. We condemn this tragic attack, as well as Pakistan’s support for many criminals like the ones who carried it out, and stand firm in our commitment to our friends in India.”




The Bill known as Pakistan State Sponsor of Terrorism Designation Act will effectively isolate Pakistan from much of the world if passed.

But the process will require a maximum 120 days for the US to designate Pakistan a terrorist sponsor.

Poe is the Chairman of the House Subcommittee on Terrorism and Rohrabacher supports the Baloch freedom struggle.

It is worth noting that the Bill was placed just before the Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s UN address, which is scheduled for Wednesday.

Yet even though the Bill appears to be what every neighbor of Pakistan wants, it is highly unlikely that it will be passed.

There are a host of reasons for the same the chief being that the current Congress is in its last days before US heads off to Presidential elections.

The only good thing from this is that the US is now officially considering labelling Pakistan as a terror sponsor, signaling major shift in its South Asian policy over the years.

The US is aware that Pakistan-sponsored terrorists have been killing Americans too and that instead of helping fight terror Islamabad is using US dollars to fund them.

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