Pakistan Soldiers Show Brutality, Slit BSF Jawan’s Throat In Jammu’s Ramgarh Sector

5:02 pm 19 Sep, 2018


Border Security Force of India guards the border of the country in order to secure the citizens from unwanted outside attacks. BSF soldiers protect the border during peacetime and prevent transnational crime. And the force has often performed tasks that would be more aligned with the duties of Indian army.  We are thankful to the BSF jawans for always being there to protect us.

However, in a shocking turn of events, a BSF jawan has been ruthlessly murdered by Pakistani troops along the international border, and the level of brutality is beyond our expectation. According to recent media reports, Pakistani soldiers have slit a BSF jawan’s throat.



This inhuman incident where the BSF jawan’s throat was slit occurred in the Ramgarh sector in Jammu. Evidently, the event has escalated the amount of tension between India and Pakistan to the next level leading to the declaration of a “high alert” across the international border and Line of Control (LOC). Furthermore, the Border Security Force has filed a stringent complaint against those soldiers with the Pakistani troops.



Unexpectedly, the BSF jawan named Narender Kumar was further found with three bullet wounds in his body. BSF was able to retrieve the body of the deceased soldier from a spot ahead of the Indo-Pak fence after waiting for six hours because the Pakistani troop did not respond to the calls of the BSF search parties.



Head constable Narender Kumar went missing a few days before the unfortunate incident took place. Also, while the Indian BSF search party tried to search to find their missing jawan, they were fired with bullets by the Pakistani forces.



According to an official:

“The body of the jawan bears three bullet injuries and his throat has been slit. This is an unprecedented action that has happened with the Indian forces along the IB and the Pakistani troopers are behind this. The BSF and other forces will undertake a counter-action at a suitable time.”

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While this horrific incident has created an uproar in the country, let’s see what the government will do in the matter of BSF jawan’s throat being slit by Pakistan troops. What do you think? Let us know in the comments!