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Pakistan-Russia Talks Over Purchase Of MI-35 Attack Helicopters Gain Momentum

Updated on 9 July, 2016 at 8:17 am By

Talks between Pakistan and Russia over buying of Russian-made MI-35 attack helicopters is on the positive front.



According to Pakistan Minister for Science and Technology Rana Tanveer Hussain , the deal might be sealed within the next two months itself.


Daily Capital

Rana-Tanveer Daily Capital

In August 2015, Pakistan and Russia had signed a deal regarding the sale of four MI-35 attack helicopters.

This was considered a huge breakthrough between the two nations as it was the first major defence deal between them since the Cold War-era.

Back in 1980’s the then Soviet Union had banned the sale of any military hardware to Pakistan as the latter was a very strong US ally while Moscow was a strong supporter of India.

The relation between the two nations finally started to change in November 2014, when Islamabad and Moscow signed a bilateral defence cooperation agreement.


The news about MI – 35 attack helicopters comes in heals of a fallout between Pakistan and the US with Washington’s refusal to partially fund the eight F-16 jets which they had agreed to sell to Pakistan.


It was reported that Islamabad has failed to seal the deal by not submitting necessary documents before the deadline.


Russian MI-35 Helicopter Sputnik

Russian MI-35 Helicopter Sputnik

It is noteworthy that India, too, uses the Mi-35 attack helicopters.

Pakistan is now focusing on their JF-17 Thunder third-generation fighter aircraft that they have co-produced with China and is going to be a major part of their military hardware.



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