After Pakistan’s PM Got Strip-Checked On New York Airport, Twitterati Stripped Him With Their Savage Trolling

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12:38 pm 29 Mar, 2018

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi was made to go through a routine security check at the New York’s John F. Kennedy airport. Video clips of the incident show Pakistan’s PM Abbasi picking up his coat and bag and walking out of the security check at the American airport.



It is important to note that America has already imposed sanctions on seven Pakistani companies suspecting their connections with the nuclear trade. Since past few days, reports from the US have also been indicating that Trump government is considering imposing bans on Visas and other sanctions on people in the Pakistani government over security issues.


Donald Trump. ABCNews


The highlight of his entire trip has been the security check that he had to undergo that left Pakistani media shocked and enraged. This was seen as a humiliation of Pakistan, brought to it by their PM.



Abbasi’s security check at the US Airport happened last week when he was on a personal trip to USA to meet his ailing sister. But he also met American Vice-President Mike Pence in an unscheduled arrangement. In that meeting, Abbasi was straightforward told that Pakistan must do more to tackle the terrorist groups nurturing in its boundaries.



And following the security check of Pakistan’s PM, Twitter has made sure to teach a good lesson to Pakistan with their tweets full of sarcasm and humiliation. Check out the following tweets doing just that:













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