Pakistan Is Happier Than India. Yes, That’s What The World Happiness Report 2016 Says

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6:01 pm 17 Mar, 2016


The World Happiness Report 2016 released on March 16. Denmark is at the top of the index, while African nation of Burundi was right at the bottom at 157th.

For India it was bad news. Why? Because we are at 118th spot.


The report, released by Gallup group, had another shocker in store for India. Pakistan fared much better than us coming in at the 92nd spot.




Further, India is among the countries with the largest declines in average life evaluations, which means that one typically suffers from a combination of economic, political and social stresses.




The report has been prepared by the Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) and the Earth Institute at Columbia University. India has dropped one rank from last year despite making tremendous strides on the economic front.




Majority of countries that were below India have been facing conflicts such as Syria and Afghanistan.

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