81-Year-Old Pakistani Man Finally Jailed For Having Three Children With His Own Daughter

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5:41 pm 10 Aug, 2018


Exploitation of women and violence and crime against them is rampant in most parts of the world. And Pakistan is no exception. But of late, the media is abuzz with reports that can leave anyone depressed and thinking about what actually Pakistani men are up to. Recently, in India’s neighbouring  country, a man was jailed for having three children with his own daughter. Sadly, the daughter got justice only 30 years after her exploitation began. Even sadder, she has already succumbed to death and could not see her cruel father pay for his deeds.

But at the same time, the good thing is that justice has finally prevailed. As per a report by Metro UK, a Pakistani man named Ashraf Khan has been jailed for fathering three children with his own daughter.


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Ashraf Khan. Source


His crime only got revealed in the early 1990s when the victim confessed in front of her husband, the torture she had been subjected to by her father. The victim’s husband eventually reported the matter to the police in 2012 after he got the DNA test of the children’s parentage done.


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Convict Ashraf Khan is now 81-years old and has been sentenced to four and a half year imprisonment after he admitted three charges of incest.




Born in Pakistan in the 1960s, the woman had shifted to Bradford, West Yorkshire in 1980s where her father and husband were living. And there, she gave birth to three children in the decade before she passed away. When the matter was reported to the police in 2012, Ashraf Khan went to Pakistan and returned only in 2016.



While announcing Ashraf Khan’s sentence, the Recorder of Bradford, Judge Jonathan Durham Hall QC said:

“You are a very dishonorable and wicked gentleman, we all now see. Her deathbed confession, how dreadful that must have been. Unburdening her soul about this awful trauma she had carried with her. When arrested, you denied matters. Only in the month before your trial did you admit your guilt when you were confronted with the facts and had nowhere to go. Those who do this will be regarded as very serious offenders, but in this case, the harm is off the scale. You are of good character, but that is a shallow comment because you have got away with this for years.”


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