Pakistan Holds Lavish ‘Mujra’ As A Part Of Fundraiser Program For ‘Kashmir Cause’

1:45 pm 22 Nov, 2017


Pakistan government organized a mujra performance in London as a part of an event which intended to raise funds for the promotion of education in the Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK) region. This event was also attended by dignitaries, including the President of the PoK, Sardar Masood Khan. A video of the event that went viral over social media, Masood Khan can be seen raising funds openly for what he termed as the “Kashmir cause”.

The mujra dance party in London.


Here’s a glimpse of the video that was broadcast by Pakistani news channel 92 News, and went viral on various social media platforms within minutes:


Apparently, the event gave Masood Khan a chance to rant against the Indian security forces in Kashmir.

Nowhere close to the classical mujra, Khan was seen in the video enjoying every step of the dancers and grooving to the beat of the music. Needless to say, the video went viral in minutes and attracted many criticism from the Twitterattis. In fact, a hash tag – #PakistanKaMujra – also went viral on the microblogging site:

Now, this guy had the best point to make:

It is to be noted that Khan is the Islamabad-backed leader of PoK, which Pakistan loves to claim as “Azad Kashmir”.

What are your views on the mujra performance? Do you think it is yet another instance of collecting fund for state-sponsored terrorism in India?



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